Global: Lasallian Women of Hope program ensures educational access

The Lasallian Women of Hope program is an compassionate outreach to females attending Lasallian schools around the globe.  Through the program’s grants, women and girls are empowered to overcome small challenges which would otherwise impede their continuing education. 

It was a secret: some young women at Mwagnaza College in Nakuru, Kenya, would turn to prostitution just to afford the feminine products they needed to attend classes.  Upon realizing this dehumanizing situation, the Lasallian Women of Hope program was created.  This grassroots program initially sponsored “The Pad Project” which provided female personal hygiene products to young girls so they could uninterruptedly attend school.   But it didn’t stop there.  In other settings around the world, females have small obstacles which impede their continuously attending classes and achieving academic success.  Some women need feminine products. Other women need a bike for transportation.  Still others need shoes to walk to school.  All too often, small obstacles often keep young women from achieving large successes in Lasallian classrooms. 

To rectify these challenges, the Lasallian Women of Hope program offers transformative grants which are designed to provide local and sustainable assistance to women in need.  Through its international council, the program is extending its small-grants assistance to females around the globe.

The Lasallian Women of Hope program also engages in female advocacy.  Each year, the program publicly recognizes women who have shown leadership, courage, resourcefulness, and self-sacrifice in promoting women’s rights. 

 You can support women and girls through Lasallian Women of Hope activities and advocacy by making a donation to La Salle International. Your donation will help those who need access quality Lasallian education. In doing so, your generosity not only helps to advance meritorious women; you strengthen the world.

Thanks to everyone whose generosity enabled us to fully fund the 2019 TUMBA GIRLS PROJECT.

Because of you, young girls are getting a quality education!

Thank you for your support. 

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