Haiti: School for Children and Health Center for Mothers

This project supports a combined facility providing both children’s primary education and women’s  neonatal care to residents in the impoverished area of Port aux Prince.

La Salle International support fund has financed construction and free-tuition at a new school in Port aux Prince. The school educates students during the same time that mothers receive instruction in neonatal care and childbirth.  This associated health clinic for parents and children needs assistance.  Your donations will help the De La Salle Brothers in Haiti provide health education and care for women and infants in Haiti.  Please consider the following gifts:

$        20.00     Nutrition educational materials for mothers
$      100.00     Vegetable garden seeds
$      150.00     One month’s medical training for outreach volunteers
$        30.00     Sponsor a woman to attend a sewing workshop
$      100.00     Stethoscope and other medical kit items for outreach volunteers


Support Women and Children in Haiti

100% of your gift will go directly to this project, helping our North American neighbor assist women and children.