Haiti: Bringing education to remote island children

This project brings Lasallian primary and secondary schools to island children who are geographically separated and educationally-excluded from other Haitians.


Turtle Island (Île de Tortue) lies off the northwestern coast of Port-au-Paix, Haiti, where small fishing and subsistence level farmers marginally carve out a living. Haiti is the poorest country in North America.  Serving the needs of young children on this island, the Lasallian Communauté Notre-Dame-des-Palmistes administers a secondary school and a primary school.  The physical structures of the school have been provided by NGO donors such as the Lasallian PROYDE and ongoing operational support of the school requires continued assistance above the tuition base which cannot be met by most of the students.  In other than financial ways, the local community of Haitians are very supportive of the school and frequently use the area for activities and gatherings.  To ensure that children get an education, schooling is provided to the villagers regardless of their ability to pay tuition.

Most effort, funding, and governmental attention are focused on the capital of Port aux Prince in attempts to clean up the enormous destruction caused by the 2010 earthquake.  As such,  support to Turtle Island has been reduced significantly.  The educational services provided by the De La Salle Brothers is especially critical at this time, as it is one of the few supports providing services and educational opportunities to neglected children on the island.


Support Education in Remote Areas of Haiti

100% of your gift will go directly to this project, helping the remote and vulnerable populations of Haiti have access to school.

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