About Us

La  Salle International Foundation is a USA based development organization which supports the global educational, health and human service network of the De La Salle Brothers. In critical times, it also provides emergency support for humanitarian relief projects around the world.

Proven Track Record

We have a decade of supporting successful projects and innovative programs in developing areas of the world. While much of our work has centered around capital projects, we provide a variety of educational opportunities, skills development programs and support mechanisms to enhance people’s quality of life.

Capital Projects

  • Construction of (pre-, primary, secondary) schools, clinics, health centers, child-care facilities, hostels, homes for the poor
  • Construction of social spaces, fencing
  • Water, sanitation and health (WASH) projects, toilets

Educational Opportunities

  • Scholarships, tuition assistance, internships and fellowships
  • Innovative programs for women and girls, youth-at-risk, and marginalized populations
  • Curricula targeting special needs and at-risk populations
  • Pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, graduate and professional education
  • Research Centers in education, science, agriculture, sociology and indigenous populations
  • Cultural and artistic museums and academic centers of excellence

Skills Development

  • Workforce training and certification
  • Training centers (carpentry, mechanics, electricity, refrigeration, etc)
  • Entrepreneurial, career and business training
  • Healthcare training and nursing programs; paralegal programs

Support Mechanisms

  • Minority assistance programs
  • Support for individuals with special need (physical, psychological, educational, social)
  • Clubs, sports, and activities for student extra-curricular involvement
  • Pastoral work in accompaniment, counseling, and peace-building

Rigorous Accountability

We meticulously monitor our finances ensuring that every dollar is tracked from project receipt through to completion. Fiscal transparency establishes credibility with our partners, so we apply accounting best practices to our operations. Complete financial reports are a component of every acquittal and interim reports always include up-to-date financials with receipts to verify the numbers.

Innovative Solutions

Working in developing countries poses unique challenges on many levels. To address these issues, we collaborate with other foundations, NGOs, and suppliers to produce optimal results, often from creative solutions. We also use local knowledge, local talent and local suppliers. Combining our talents to achieve common goals enables innovative and collaborative project design, ensures collective ownership of the project by all parties, and drives financial support into the regional area.

Success-based Alliances

We work with various other Lasallian NGO’s such as De La Salle Solidarietà ONLUS (Italy), PROYDE (Spain), and Fundación Tarpusunchis (Peru) on projects around the world. Through this dynamic and collaborative teamwork, La Salle International has access to an enormous array of talented, capable, and creative problem-solvers. These alliances brings not only substantial intellectual fire-power to our projects, but also invaluable experience in addressing third-world issues to get the job done right the first time.

Enhancing Over One Million Lives Every Day.

80 Countries. 330 Years of Service. 1,000 Educational Centers.