Major cities around the world have seen demonstrations in support of Ukraine’s free and independent democracy. But such protests seem unable to change the course of war, as the Russian military war machine steadily moves its troops inside the boundaries of Ukraine, targeting the eastern region of the country. 

While most 18-60 year old Ukrainian males are defending their country, hundreds of thousands of women, children and elderly are escaping the ravages of war as they emigrate to bordering countries.  

Already challenged by immigrants from Africa and the Middle East during the past several years, Europe again is struggling to accommodate this influx of people who urgently need social and medical services. To assist, Lasallian schools in border countries will be providing aid.  Additionally, Lasallian schools globally will be fundraising to meet the urgent needs of these Ukraine refugees.  

To learn more and contribute to this #LaSalleforUkrainians project,  click here.