The  Montagnard population is a minority group which lives in the central highlands of Vietnam (Dak Mil, Dak Nong.)  For many years, their appeals to the government for quality high-school education of their children were ignored.  More recently, through the efforts of the De La Salle Brothers in Vietnam (and the financial assistance of generous donors), a new primary school has been constructed.  But to continue their education, the Trương Vĩnh Ký secondary school will be built to address the educational needs of the Montagnards by providing educational classes to several hundred children. The first school building is now operational and classes have begun.  Financial support is still needed for the construction of additional classrooms for the advanced grades (which will be added incrementally as the current classes advance to the next level) as well as for the teachers’ resources (references, charts, projectors, etc.) and student texts.

Students who were formerly excluded from classes due to linguistic or social exclusion now will be seamlessly integrated into the Vietnamese public system upon graduation.  As such, this school enables students to break through the glass ceiling which always educationally excluded the Montagnard population from integrating themselves into the Vietnamese society.