Through a Flash Fundraiser “Give $5 for South Sudan,” Lasallian schools across North America came together to help the newest country in the world address its educational needs.  Click here to witness the new school which your funds have constructed!

When the Republic of South Sudan seceded from Sudan in 2011, it became the world’s newest country . . . but also one of the world’s poorest.  After brutal civil wars and ranking among the bottom-most underdeveloped countries, South Sudan’s population has an urgent educational need.  At the time of secession, only 10% of classes were taught school buildings: most learning came from unstructured classes under the shade of local trees and 90% of the country was illiterate.  The country continues to struggle, even after its 10th anniversary on  9 July 2021.

To help the country educate its citizens, Lasallians  constructed a new high school in Rumbek, where students will receive quality education under the expert guidance of Lasallian teachers.  To assist disadvantaged Lasallians on the other side the world, North American students, faculty, parents and administrators funded this new school by pledging $5 in support through a Flash Funding effort.

While the new school is almost near completion, contributions to the new La Salle Secondary school in Rumbek will be put towards the school’s operating expenses and educational resources which includes library books, teacher resources, and expendables (paper and supplies).   

To help this new school in its early stages, click here and see how you can help.