The La Salle Tan Hung Charity School in Vietnam’s capital of Ho Chi Minh serves primary school students who largely come from other provinces when their parents arrive in the capital very early each morning to work in the small shops and as street vendors.  These 130 children accompany their parents into the city but otherwise are abandoned each day while their parents try to earn enough money to survive.  Charity school classes are held from 07:00-17:00 daily and lunches – often the only daily meal the children receive – are voluntarily prepared by university student volunteers courtesy of a nearby boarding house which the De La Salle Brothers operate.  Children attending this Charity school are either too old for primary school or have other emotional or learning difficulties which would make them ineligible for regular schooling.  Realizing these children are desperately in need of an education and their circumstances make them ineligible for regular schooling, the Brothers have secured a location in Ho Chi Minh in which the five classes of primary school are offered completely gratuitously. Thanks to donors like you, the children pay nothing.  .This system works where other schools fail because the curriculum is approved by the Ministry of Education and an agreement exists with a nearby Catholic school to accept all students after they graduate from the 5th grade. he school suffers from the uncertainty of donations. Sometimes they have money to operate and sometimes they don’t.  As such there are times when the school’s operations are completely without money.  Your contribution will enable books to be bought for the children, uniforms to be available for them to wear, and teaching materials to be available for the instructors to use.