Months after Hurricane Maria ravaged the US Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the clean-up is far from complete.  Houses have been severely damaged, communications crippled, buildings decimated, and lives lost in the wake of one of the worst hurricanes the island has ever experienced.  In the effoirt to recover from the ravages of the hurricane, much still remains to be done.

At this point, the Brothers schools are among the few which are open.  While their schools have not received a great deal of structural damage, efforts are underway to replace the damaged recreational areas which have been demolished.  Additionally, the Brothers are collecting funds to purchase a generator (estimated at $35,000) which will not only allow the students to return to their classes but also will provide emergency backup for the next storm.

The Brothers are actively aiding some of the local residents as they make efforts to re-establish themselves and to repair their homes.  As such, donations in support of the Brother’s work with others and/or the repairs to the schools can be made through La Salle International Foundation by clicking this link.  CLICK HERE