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Impacts of Our Work

Helping others . . . for life.

Helping other people is a very human thing. When someone stumbles, we help them gain their balance. When an item is dropped, we assist in picking it up.

But some people need more than just a single moment's help. They need a permanent bed to sleep in instead of living on the streets. They need an education which can be obtained only over several years. They need extensive help battling drug addictions.

Assisting those most in need

This is where we can partner with you to provide assistance. We help fund half-way houses which enable young people to lead a productive drug-free life. We provide safe homes, counseling, and educational opportunities for street kids, victims of war, and orphans. We help sponsor social services for youth at-risk, children with mental illness and juvenile offenders. We work with children affected by HIV and AIDS. And we provide a global array of educational opportunities where people can develop their intellectual capabilities, make good decisions, and use their knowledge to help others.

Building a Better Society

While the individual is the primary beneficiary of our care, we think we are also building better societies and countries. We provide help for those who have been neglected, excluded, overseen, or unseen. One step at a time, we help people become empowered, capable citizens who can contribute positively to the well being of their communities.

With your help, we help individuals realize their full potential.

Recent News

  • South Sudan: Moving Forward Amid Crisis

    To assist in the building of South Sudan’s human capacity, La Salle International has been supporting the efforts of Solidarity with South Sudan, which is successfully offering educational, health and pastoral services.  Solidarity with South Sudan currently has operational facilities … Continue reading

  • Haiti: Water for the Community Promotion Center

    In Haiti, the Community Promotion Center (CPC) in Cazeau serves effectively to fight child and maternal malnutrition while promoting the socio-economic development of indigent populations living in the outskirts of Port au Prince. The facility recently was inaugurated and its activities … Continue reading

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