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Our Capabilities

Creative and Innovative Education

The De La Salle Brothers have a rich history of providing a vast array of educational services. With over 350 years of experience, they have developed creative and innovative programs which respond to the needs of the people they are serving. From pre-kindergarten programs all the way through to graduate and professional education, the De La Salle Brothers have developed award-winning educational programs to serve a variety of students. Many of their programs and reserach interests show particular sensitivity toward ecological interests as well as economically poor and/or socially excluded youth.

A Million People Every Day

We help sponsor works around the world and approximately one million individuals are impacted each day. The talented capabilities and dedicated service of our staff enables us to extend currently successful programs to other areas. A good idea which works in one city can successfully be used in another city because we have lots of horizontal communication, shared talents, and a deep capacity for staffing both educational operations and human service facilities.

Sharing Success Around the World

And good ideas aren't kept secret. Because we are an international family of institutions, success stories are shared across countries and around the world. When a need exists and funding is available, we help use the successful blueprints we already have, creatively tailor them to the environment, and then set up effective programs to address local concerns.

The La Salle International Foundation helps to sponsor innovative, effective, values-oriented programs around the world.

Our Capabilities

We provide a variety of educational opportunities, skills development programs and support mechanisms to enhance the quality of life people enjoy around the world.

Educational opportunities

  • Scholarships, tuition assistance, internships and fellowships
  • Innovative programs for women and girls, youth at-risk, and marginalized populations
  • Curricula targeting special needs and at-risk populations
  • Pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, graduate and professional education
  • Researach Centers in education, science, agriculture, sociology and indigenous populations

Skill development

  • Workforce training and certification
  • Training centers (carpentry, mechanics, electricity, refrigeration, etc)
  • Entrepreneurial, career and business training
  • Health care training and nursing programs; paralegal programs

Supporting mechanisms

  • Minority assistance programs
  • Support for special needs individuals
  • Clubs, sports and activities for student extra-curricular involvement
  • Pastoral work in accompaniment, counselling and peace-building


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  • Syrian Refugees: A Brotherly Response

    Question: How do talented teachers and students help Syrian refugees? Answer: By offering what they have  — a quality education. Concerned about the evolving migrant/refugee crisis in the world (principally from Syria) and as prescribed by decisions made at the De La Salle … Continue reading

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