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Areas of Focus

Serving 80 Countries

La Salle International helps to sponsor educational, health, human service and humanitarian projects around the world. Most of our projects are educational and we support schools in 80 countries, especially institutions located in developing areas.

Kindergarten to Medical School

The De La Salle Brothers have educational projects which run from pre-school to primary school to secondary school to college and university level education to graduate school and professional (law, medicine, and engineering) programs. They offer comprehensive educational programs in many countries and, through your assistance we support those operations.

Health and Human Services

Our health and human service programs include facilities for the victims of emotional, physical and psychological violence. We provide a comforting and safe refuge. In some cases, we support programs with residential facilities, and in other locations, there are after-school or walk-in facilities for their use. We engage qualified, credentialled counselors, social workers, psychologists and doctors to provide for individuals entrusted to our care.

Youth At-Risk

In securing funds, the Foundation gives special attention to youth at-risk. These youth include educationally-excluded youth, street children, orphans, victims of child abuse, drug addicts, disabled youth, individuals with mental illness, migrant and refugee youth, HIV+ and AIDS children, child victims of war, juvenile offenders, child laborers, victims of child trafficking, ethnic minorities, disadvantaged girls, and impoverished children.

A Variety of Projects

Below are listed some specific projects with which we could use your assistance. Please direct your assistance to the project(s) which most interest you.


A Syrian refugee family spend the day in the Aegean port city of Izmir, western Turkey, August 10, 2015.   REUTERS/Osman Orsal

Syrian Refugees: A Brotherly Response


IMG_7621 (180x180)

Viêtnam: Assistance needed to primary school serving poor children


Recent News

  • Syrian Refugees: A Brotherly Response

    Question: How do talented teachers and students help Syrian refugees? Answer: By offering what they have  — a quality education. Concerned about the evolving migrant/refugee crisis in the world (principally from Syria) and as prescribed by decisions made at the De La Salle … Continue reading

  • Viêtnam: Assistance needed to primary school serving poor children

    Lasan Tan Hung, a school also known as the School for the Poor and the School of Love, is located in a poor section of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam. It serves 140 elementary aged students from difficult backgrounds whose circumstances prevent … Continue reading

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