La Salle International Foundation

Vision and Mission

Educationally Achieving One's Potential

In schools and training centers, in urban and rural areas, in formal and informal classrooms, in developed and underdeveloped areas of the world, we are supporting activities which enable people to better themselves. We help people achieve their potential.

Quality Education for All

Our schools provide quality education which mature minds for dedicated service to civil society. Many of our educational facilities, if not directly focused on economically poor students, make provisions for scholarships and financial support which render quality education both affordable and accessible.

"Safe Harbors"

Our residential centers provide "safe harbors" for victims of emotional, physical and psychological violence: threatened women and children, street kids, child victims of war, drug addicted youth, juvenile offenders, human trafficking, disabled youth, and refugees.

Education as a "Silver Bullet"

There is no "silver bullet" to solve all of the world’s problems...but education is about as close as we can come. Through education we make boys better fathers and girls better mothers. Through education, we equip people with degrees and teach the excluded. And through education, we raise people out of poverty, build socially responsible leaders, train individuals for work, create a thoughtful electorate, and reinforce both compassion and understanding towards others.


Inclusivity is important to us.  And so we do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender, nationality or sexual orientation. Not for workers.  Not for volunteers.  Not for students. And not for any of the people we serve. We are all members of the same human race.


Recent News

  • South Sudan: Moving Forward Amid Crisis

    To assist in the building of South Sudan’s human capacity, La Salle International has been supporting the efforts of Solidarity with South Sudan, which is successfully offering educational, health and pastoral services.  Solidarity with South Sudan currently has operational facilities … Continue reading

  • Haiti: Water for the Community Promotion Center

    In Haiti, the Community Promotion Center (CPC) in Cazeau serves effectively to fight child and maternal malnutrition while promoting the socio-economic development of indigent populations living in the outskirts of Port au Prince. The facility recently was inaugurated and its activities … Continue reading

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