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Contributors are Investors

As a contributor, you are investing in our work of helping people around the world.

At La Salle International, we appreciate the faith and confidence you invest in us to carry out this work. Over 300 years of experience have enabled our operations to hone themselves into effective and competent solutions. We take good ideas from one location and use these experience tested-and-proven ideas to help people in other areas of the world.  We share what works and shut down what doesn't.

Efficient Philanthropy

We believe your dollars should support your cause . . . not our operations.  At La Salle International, there is a simple rule we apply to donations: 100% goes directly to your charitable cause.  Every penny.  It's just that simple.

(By the way, lots of people must like how we do things.  In 2014, La Salle International was selected the "Best Philanthropic Organization in Washington DC.")

An Innovative Business Plan

If we give all of our income to charitable projects, how do we pay for operations?  That business plan works because the De La Salle Brothers believe they should also contribute. They collectively underwrite all of the administrative costs for the Foundation. In this way, all - 100% - of your money can go directly to the charitable causes you designate. That's our way of working with you in helping others.

Financial Transparency

We believe that financial transparency is important in public non-profits. As such, we welcome you to take a look at our numbers.  We're proud of them.

Links below will connect you to the Annual Reports for our operations from 2008-2014. Those Annual Reports contain financial information on what we are doing and the projects we are supporting. Our complete IRS Form 990 filings are available at a number of different websites (such as GuideStar) and we welcome your analysis and comment.  Should you desire any additional detail, please feel free to call or visit our offices. We're pleased of what we accomplish with help from our donors.  Our accounting records are always open for inspection.

Annual Reports

We would like for you to see how our donors have enabled us to achieve remarkable results.  Click below to see our Annual Reports:






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