About Us

La Salle International Foundation is a USA based development organization which supports a global educational, health and human service network of the De La Salle Brothers. In critical times, it also provides emergency support for humanitarian relief projects around the world.

Building on 350 Years of Experience

Chartered in 2009, La Salle International has a youthful exuberance for helping people around the world.  We are dedicated to what we do and how we help others. The vast array of programs and services supported by La Salle International have been operated by the De La Salle Christian Brothers for decades . . . even centuries. The Foundation utilizes the experience gleaned by the De La Salle Brothers during their 350 years of service. We are effective and efficient at what we do. implementing long-term programs to fight poverty, responding to humanitarian emergencies, and advocating for policy change to improve the lives of the poorest people.

501c Public Charity

Because we are a “public charity,” individuals, corporations, agencies and foundations in the United States who might otherwise have restrictions prohibiting donations to faith-based charities are capable of making tax-deferred charitable contributions to La Salle International. As a 501(c)3 organization, we largely assist institutions staffed by the De La Salle Brothers and their Lasallian partners. We also assist other educational, health and humanitarian endeavors.

A Global Mission

Our support extends around the world.  Today we are helping individuals and improving lives in many developing corners of the globe. Increasingly, people have appreciated the work which we are doing to promote youth-at-risk programs and have offered financial support of these vital human services. We welcome your support and look forward to continued opportunities to link caring donors with needy individuals in our programs around the world.

Our Capabilities

Creative and Innovative Education

The De La Salle Brothers have a rich history of providing a vast array of educational services. With over 350 years of experience, we have developed creative and innovative programs which respond to the needs of the people they are serving. From pre-kindergarten programs all the way through to graduate and professional education, the De La Salle Brothers have developed award-winning educational programs to serve a variety of students. Many of their programs and research interests show particular sensitivity toward ecological interests as well as economically poor and/or socially excluded youth.

Our Capabilities

We provide a variety of educational opportunities, skills development programs, and support mechanisms to enhance the quality of life people enjoy around the world.

Educational opportunities

  • Scholarships, tuition assistance, internships and fellowships
  • Innovative programs for women and girls, youth-at-risk, and marginalized populations
  • Curricula targeting special needs and at-risk populations
  • Pre-school, primary, secondary, tertiary, graduate and professional education
  • Research Centers in education, science, agriculture, sociology and indigenous populations
  • Cultural and artistic museums and academic centers of excellence

Skills development

  • Workforce training and certification
  • Training centers (carpentry, mechanics, electricity, refrigeration, etc)
  • Entrepreneurial, career and business training
  • Healthcare training and nursing programs; paralegal programs

Support mechanisms

  • Minority assistance programs
  • Support for individuals with special need (physical, psychological, educational, social)
  • Clubs, sports, and activities for student extra-curricular involvement
  • Pastoral work in accompaniment, counseling, and peace-building

Impacts Of Our Work

Helping others . . . for life.

Helping other people is a very human thing. When someone stumbles, we help them gain their balance. When an item is dropped, we assist in picking it up.  But some people need more than just a single moment’s help. They need a permanent bed to sleep in instead of living on the streets. They need an education which can be obtained only over several years. They need prolonged accompaniment to battle drug addictions.

Assisting those most in need

This is where we can partner with you to provide assistance. We fund half-way houses which enable young people to lead a productive drug-free life. We provide safe homes, counseling, and educational opportunities for street kids, victims of war, and orphans. We sponsor social services for youth at-risk, children with mental illness and juvenile offenders. We work with children affected by HIV and AIDS. And we provide a global array of educational opportunities where people can develop their intellectual capabilities, make good decisions, and use their knowledge to help others.

Building a Better Society

While the individual is the primary beneficiary of our care, we are also building better societies and countries. We provide help for those who have been neglected, excluded, overseen, or unseen. One step at a time, we help people become empowered, capable citizens who can contribute positively to the well-being of their communities.

With your assistance, we enable individuals to realize their full potential.

Enhancing Over One Million Lives Every Day.

80 Countries. 330 Years of Service. 1,000 Educational Centers.