The International Lasallian Institute for Sustainability (ILIS) serves as a promotional and coordination center for researchers, managers, and supporters of sustainability initiatives and developmental concerns in Lasallian colleges, universities, schools, foundations, research centers around the world. ILIS will be working to promote sustainable practices, serveĀ as a model for these practices, and advocate for environmental protection, economic viability, and social justice. It will help address the call from The International Association of Lasallian Universities for research in sustainability and environmental protection, nutrition, and quality education for impoverished students. Additionally, ILIS will coordinate a communication network for Lasallian research and encourage a focus on sustainability. A global discussion within the Lasallian sustainability research network helps to advance the vision of Pope Francis in Laudato Si, so ILIS will bring together Lasallian researchers around the world for free, accessible chats and collaboration on projects. It will also provide a means of communication among Lasallian museums for sciences, arts, and cultural anthropology across the globe. Read the fallĀ update and support this new global initiative.