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La Salle International Foundation is a USA-based development organization which supports a global educational, health and human service network of the De La Salle Brothers. In critical times, La Salle International provides emergency support for humanitarian relief projects around the world.

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We partner with donors to help fund a variety of formative educational opportunities in 80 countries of the world. We sponsor formal classrooms, non-traditional experimental programs, and everything in-between.  We do this through a remarkably dedicated, enthusiastic, and compassionate staff that is passionately devoted to the service of others.


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Trương Vĩnh Ký Secondary School

In the central highlands of Vietnam, there is a desperate need for inclusive, high-quality secondary education. The newly opened Truong Vinh Ky Secondary School will eliminate the stigma suffered by the local Montagnard population – a minority group that is socio-economically and linguistically marginalized. Providing students with proper educational training will allow all the otherwise neglected children to continue their studies in the public system, obtain state-recognition for their studies, and develop the necessary skills for future employment.

Help Kenya’s Street Kids Achieve Success

The St. Mary's Child rescue program serves 300 poor Kenyan children, many of whom come from the slum areas of Nyeri. It provides a residential program which includes a high school education at St. Mary's Secondary School. Through a special peer-mentoring program, the school achieves outstanding educational results for its students and 80% of the graduates are admitted to the National University (public school graduates average 2% admission). The Child Rescue Program provides access for children who otherwise would be educationally excluded from the public system, enabling them to escape from their poverty and become productive, contributory leaders in Kenyan society. Your contribution will help sponsor an education -- and a future -- for deserving street and slum children.

Educate the Children of Vietnamese Street Vendors

Early before dawn breaks, bleary-eyed children sleepily stagger into Ho Chi Minh city with their street-vendor parents. The Tan Hung school offers five primary grades of classes to 130 of these otherwise educationally-excluded street children, many of whom have emotional or learning issues. With the teachers' patience, care and lots of hard work, 100% of the graduates have further access to a quality education.

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