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La Salle International Foundation is a USA-based development organization which supports a global educational, health and human service network of the De La Salle Brothers. In critical times, La Salle International provides emergency support for humanitarian relief projects around the world.

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We partner with donors to help fund a variety of formative educational opportunities in 80 countries of the world. We sponsor formal classrooms, non-traditional experimental programs, and everything in-between.  We do this through a remarkably dedicated, enthusiastic, and compassionate staff that is passionately devoted to the service of others.


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Help Kenya’s Street Kids Achieve Success

The St. Mary's Child rescue program serves 300 poor Kenyan children, many of whom come from the slum areas of Nyeri. It provides a residential program which includes a high school education at St. Mary's Secondary School. Through a special peer-mentoring program, the school achieves outstanding educational results for its students and 80% of the graduates are admitted to the National University (public school graduates average 2% admission). The Child Rescue Program provides access for children who otherwise would be educationally excluded from the public system, enabling them to escape from their poverty and become productive, contributory leaders in Kenyan society. Your contribution will help sponsor an education -- and a future -- for deserving street and slum children.

Support Aid to Migrants and Refugees from Africa

Many immigrants from the Middle East and Africa have made death-defying efforts to cross the Mediterranean in pursuit of refugee status in Europe. Those surviving the perilous journey frequently arrive at Italy's extensive coastline and, in doing so, they challenge an overburdened humanitarian system to accommodate their human needs for food, shelter, and clothing. Attending to those who fall through the holes of normal social services, Lasallians are helping to sponsor Sisters who provide these refugees with basic needs, assist their entry into the Italian social system, and otherwise help them acclimate to a new life in a very different world. Donations are being sought to continue this good work by providing funds for refugee supplies and operational costs of the Sisters who care for these refugees .

Help Lasallian Puerto Rican School Buy New Generator

Recovery from the ravages of Hurricane Maria is taking longer than expected, but the De La Salle Brothers' schools are open and operating. While power is slowly being restored to the island, the school needs electricity immediately to power computers, provide classroom lighting, attend to safety issues and operate general services. They are requesting financial assistance to purchase a $35,000 generator which will provide both immediate and long-term solution to the intermittent power shortages which plague Puerto Rico's outdated electrical grid.

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